Red Brook Culvert Replacement a Success!

On an unseasonably warm Monday morning in October, Scarborough Public Works Officials and District staff met at Kala Lane with a lofty common goal: Replace the failing culverts under the roadway. In replacing the culverts, the crew went one step further to incorporate easier fish passage, reducing potential flooding on the road, reducing damage to the stream banks, and improving wildlife habitat.

To accomplish this goal, the culvert had to be carefully designed and installed. The final design included 56 concrete blocks for the walls and a 12’ wide x 6’ deep x 18’ long box culvert (one section weighed 18,000 pounds!).

Once installed, it was abundantly clear how the new culvert would positively impact Red Brook. The District looks forward to completing more stream restoration projects like this one, to help protect the health of our waterways, and bring positive outcomes to many other aspects of our communities.

Successful completion of the Kala Lane Culvert Replacement Project required the coordinated efforts of many. The District would like to thank:

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