Annual Inspections to Protect Long Creek

Native plants left to grow naturally along the roadway to support wildlife habitat and help keep pollutants out of the Long Creek.

Each year District staff conduct over 100 property inspections to help restore and protect Long Creek. These annual inspections are one of the many tasks completed by the District and it’s partners as part of the Long Creek Restoration Project. Managed by Long Creek Watershed Management District (LCWMD), the Long Creek Restoration Project is a community initiative that currently includes participating landowners in South Portland, Portland, Westbrook, and Scarborough.

Inspection Highlight: Sable Oaks

In mid-August, the District’s Watershed Specialist, Scott Reynolds, met with staff at the Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks and the Sable Oaks Golf Course and Clubhouse to conduct site inspections. Included in the group were Ed Palmer, General Manager of the Marriott and long serving board member of the LCWMD, Steve Inman, Chief Engineer at the Marriot, and Dave D’Andrea, Superintendent at the Sable Oaks Golf Course. Together they set out to visit 4 of the 6 parcels, stopping to talk about what was working well, making suggestions for moving forward and any overall concerns.

At each stop Scott took time to observe the area as a whole, focusing on where rainwater and snowmelt would drain off to and what pollutants may be picked up along the way, including bare soil. During the inspection, Ed noted that he truly values the feedback given by the District each year and uses it to continually make improvements. The District also had the pleasure of learning about all the great things Sable Oaks has been doing to help protect wildlife habitat on site, in addition to protecting the Long Creek. This includes:

  • Allowing natural vegetation to grow along the roadway and within the golf course to hold soil in place and to support native wildlife
  • Placing crushed stone on areas of bare soil to help reduce erosion
  • Working to redirect stormwater runoff into vegetation, instead of entering into storm drains or directly into the brook
  • Working towards their Maine Audubon Certification (Sable Oaks Golf Course)

Sable Oaks Golf Course took the initiative to lay crushed stone down on a portion of their property neighboring a wetland to help hold soil in place and slow down stormwater runoff. This was based on a 2016 recommendation by District staff.

For more information on the Long Creek Watershed Management District and how you may be able to get involved, please visit or email Pete Carney at