CONNECT to Community

SERVICE LEARNING integrates standard lessons and meaningful community SERVICE to enrich students’ LEARNING experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

We are proud to work with teachers, students, and community groups to develop service learning opportunities for youth. All service projects:

  • CONNECT students to a community service project and relevant environmental topics.
  • Allow students to develop projects with guidance from our educators.
  • Align project to multidisciplinary curriculum as requested by teachers.
  • Include our coordination and support throughout project.
  • Provide opportunities for students to enjoy the resources they are conserving.

Service Learning Spotlight: Hall School Story Walk

Clockwise from top: Parent volunteers install the story walk; A student poses a story walk sign; Story walk ribbon cutting ceremony

First and second grade students at Portland’s Hall School spent the 2017 spring semester working with our educators to develop a story walk for their school. Starting in early February, District educators provided weekly visits to teach students about the water cycle and protecting our water resources. Using what they learned, the students wrote and illustrated a story, called Flow’s Amazing Adventure, which was turned into the story walk.

Parent volunteers assisted with the installation of the story walk, and a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the new story walk followed.  Over 30 community members attended the ribbon cutting. Hall School teachers were thrilled with the program and especially excited that the students were able to create a service project for their community.  Parents also expressed their gratitude for the project during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Service Learning Spotlight: Windham Middle School Clean Water Stewards

From top: WMS students pose near their storm drain mural; Students paint a rain barrel to be installed at their school

Our educators worked with three seventh grade science classes at Windham Middle School (WMS) to complete a year-long clean water service learning program. Students explored how the WMS campus may impact local water resources through indoor and outdoor lessons and a walking field trip to the nearby Pleasant River. Following lessons, the students developed a service project and presented their idea to school and community members.

Their idea included raising awareness of water pollution by painting murals with clean water messages around storm drains on the WMS campus and to decorate and install a rain barrel to capture runoff from the school roof. Once approved, the students implemented their service project in the spring of 2017.

According to the teacher, this program “made the students excited about science” with hands-on activities, student-led investigations, and problem solving.

Service Learning Spotlight: Katahdin School Erosion Control

From top: Katahdin students learn about soil erosion; Students install a dripline trench to collect runoff from a cabin roof

In May 2017 our staff worked with students and staff at the Katahdin School at Camp Hinds in Raymond to implement a student-led service project to help stop soil from washing into Panther Pond.

Students learned about clean water, soil erosion, and practices to reduce erosion at a one-day workshop. They did water quality tests, looked for aquatic insects, and completed an assessment to identify soil erosion at the camp. They then recommended ways to reduce erosion and determined the materials needed for the work.

Following the workshop, more than a dozen students, teachers, and volunteers came together to put the students’ ideas into action. They successfully installed four roof dripline trenches along cabins at the camp and spread erosion control mix over areas of bare soil. Additional practices will be installed at a later date by the Boy Scouts of America Pine Tree Council, which owns and operates Camp Hinds.

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