Stormwater Runoff
Illustration Credit: Jada Fitch

It’s amazing how much we influence stormwater and never even realize it. The Maine DEP estimates that between 40 — 70% of rain and snow melt that falls on the average Maine residential lot runs off! That means that up to 70% of the rain is leaving your property, as well as everyone else’s property, as stormwater, and its hurting our lakes, rivers, streams, and estuaries. Everyone has a role to play in helping to protect clean water.

Reduce the amount of water that leaves your property

The best way to prevent stormwater pollution is to minimize the amount of runoff. If less rain leaves your property, there is that much less water that can become polluted along the way. This is a preventative measure to stormwater pollution that has benefits to you. For example, it reduces maintenance cost for roads, driveways, and ditches, as well as reduces utility bills if the rainwater is harnessed as a means of watering lawns and gardens.

Runoff Reduction Tips:

  • Direct water off your driveway onto vegetated areas.
  • Plant a Rain Garden.
  • Direct roof downspouts into vegetated areas or into a Rain Barrel for reuse later.
  • Reduce the amount of lawn by planting trees and shrubs, which are more effective in soaking up the rainwater before it leaves your property as runoff.

Make your home the solution to stormwater pollution.  Follow the links to the left to learn more about how you can reduce runoff on your property.

Resources to Reduce Runoff

Rain Barrels

Rain Garden