Car Care

Dripping gas and oil onto driveways, roads, and parking lots is a huge problem for streams in urban and suburban areas. Handling gas, oil, and grease and washing your car at home can flush detergents and other contaminants into the storm drain system and directly into our waters.

Clean Stormwater Car Care Tips

  • Keep your automobiles well-tuned so that they are not dripping fluids or emitting unnecessary fumes. Place a drip pan under your vehicle’s engine.
  • Service your car carefully.
  • Dispose of used auto fluids and batteries at designated drop-off and recycling locations. Many retail auto stores offer used auto fluids and battery collection as a service to their customers; contact your local retailer to find out if they do. A partial list of businesses that collect waste oil is contained within the Maine Oil Recycling Program (MORP) Directory.
  • Avoid spilling gas on the ground or in the water.
  • If you do change your oil at home, use a drop cloth and immediately clean up any that spills on the ground.
  • Use a funnel to fill up fluids (in cars, lawn mowers, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc).
  • Avoid topping off your fuel tank to reduce the chance of spillage.
  • Store and label of gasoline properly.
  • Wash your vehicles so the runoff goes to your lawn or at a car wash facility instead of in your driveway.