Did you know that you live in a watershed? Yes, that’s right. We all live in a watershed. What’s a watershed? It’s a fancy word describing an area of land that drains or ‘sheds’ its water to a river or lake from higher to lower elevations. The ultimate North American watershed boundary is the continental divide which runs along the crest of the Rocky Mountain Range from British Columbia, Canada all the way through the United States, past Mexico, and into Central America. Rain falling on the divide has two choices, to flow west to the Pacific Ocean or east to the Atlantic Ocean.

Take this concept and apply it locally. The area you are in is part of a watershed and the water is flowing somewhere. Every raindrop from a storm falls into a watershed. Where does the stormwater from your yard go? It flows to the nearest lake, river or stream, and eventually to the ocean. How about the stormwater from your school, where does it go? Is it in the same watershed as your yard? Find out which watershed you live in.